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Reflections - Jorge Gonzalez

reflecting on who i was, who did i think i was ?

this world weighs heavy on everyone

innocence turns into guilt

good becomes evil

evil becomes good

good spirits turn into sour emotions

the universe gave us all a purpose

but i chose not see it

hiding behind my laughs, hiding behind my past

i have good reason to feel this way

the world did me wrong

i have every right to be closed off

can’t show these emotions, what’s the good in that?

everyone’s gonna pay for it

we all gonna pay for someone else perspective on life

it’s just a matter of time

reflecting on what i am now, and i understand why

past transgressions tryna lurk on me and ruin me

but is it deeper than that? or is it just me?

am i the reason i am like this?

or should i throw salt at the world to keep it away from my wounds?

it’s confusing, who am i?

who do they think i am?

what do they think of me?

nah fuck that,

who do i wanna be?

what do i wanna do?

these are questions i never thought of

where am i gonna go?


where do i wanna go?

how am i gonna get there?

all my life chasing for these answers

but i ain’t know it was within me this whole time

never believing, i chose not to cause what does believing actually do for me?

but everything’s turning upside down, or right side up depending on how you look at it

that’s the point

we are who we chose to be

reality is what we want it to be

we’re in control

i’m in control

all because i chose to believe in me

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