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Welcome to AMPS Wellness!

Thank you for coming to our website to check us out! AMPS Wellness is a non-profit organization focused on uplifting communities. We intend to inspire collective elevation and evolution by exploring the mind, strengthening the body, and connecting to soul. We are an inclusive and safe space open to all! We host weekly events in person or virtually providing activities that encourage health and well-being. AMPS loves to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals so that we can all grow and develop together. We hope to expand as we continue to build our foundation based on love, compassion, and support for one another. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Has AMPS impacted you in any way? Let us know below. We also appreciate any venting and free expression. This is an open and safe space to connect!

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Raven Jeffress
Raven Jeffress
Feb 24, 2023

I love AMPS ❤️

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