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So It Seems - Midas

all my desires seem to be out of my reach

still it seems like the universe is a reflection of me

it seems like the worlds a weapon formed against me

so it seems like I reject the blessings that I receive

the sweet taste of Ciroq comes along with sour thoughts

watered down, on the rocks, my mind is always on the clock

tick tick tick, that shit doesn’t seem to stop

but on another hand, I’m gettin' closer to the top

it’s always racing minute to minute

head spinning and it ain’t the liquor that did it

tick tick tick, I tried to give my luck a chance and it abandoned me quick

i tried to fall through with my ambition

but it seems like I fell away from my vision

drifting off the horizons where the sun lies and headed towards the dead of night

there’s beauty in the darkness, and struggle in the shadows

cast-iron mentality is beginning to rust

if I don’t do what I say, I’m only breaking my trust

chasing for my desires but only out of lust

it’s all out my reach, and my soul is still crushed

so it seems I can’t get everything i want

so it seems I don’t want everything i need

but it seems like I’m getting stuck

just because I don’t want the blessings i receive

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Ava Ponder
Ava Ponder

Love this!

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