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Persevere - Evad Ponder

I been fighting temptations

Passed down through generations

The biggest scam of the nation

Turned fear to dedication

I cut off all the smoke

It’s no joke

I got hope

Don’t need dope

Just to cope with the bullshit

Working everyday

And ready to quit

But I got bills to pay

And reasons to stay

Wanna be miles away

But not today

Waiting for my time to come

I know I’m the chosen one

Under the sun

Shining it’s light on me

Break out of the matrix

And fly deep into the galaxy

Tryna be free

From the chains they put on us

Gotta believe

In god I do trust

They made the money a must

Do my job in disgust

The system may work well, for a few

To my soul I stay true

Keep going til I push through

Purified and born anew

I know what I must do

Get better for me and you

Becoming who I’d look up to

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1 Comment

Ava Ponder
Ava Ponder
Jun 29, 2022

Hi I'm Ava and this is my personal profile. Hope you enjoy this spoken word piece! :)

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